She was professional and knowledgeable. Doris listened to my issues and tailored her advice to my needs. She gave me some really useful tips and advice that I have already incorporated into my eating habits. Overall, it was a great experience meeting with Doris and I thought she was a great nutritional counselor.

Alyson Bradbury

I’ve known Doris for about 3 years now, when she was in El Paso TX and became my trainer the best I’ve had. It was hard for many of us to let her go. This year she told me to start moving and working out which I tried at home but I was always tired with very little energy. I was breastfeeding so I couldn’t take any medication not I was losing weight. I suffer from constipation so I decided to stop BF and join a gym. I lost 10lbs my first month when I was told I had a leaky gut(I had never heard of this) 2nd month I gain 5lbs I was shock since I was working out more then I went back to the doctor and they told me that my thyroid was not working properly but could be b/c of the leaky gut. I decided to contact Doris to see if she could help me. She gave me this plan for my problem she even explain it better that the doctor. I did change doctors and I was completely shock bc in the first 5 days I had lost 8lbs. She told me not to focus on the weight loss but more on my health issue. I went back a month later w no thyroid issues and 15lbs &4inchee less. This was during thanksgiving and the first 2 weeks of December. I’ve always recommend her and will continue to do bc she’s great at all she does very knowledgeable and caring. Doris is simply the best!

Leticia Levario

Desde febrero conoci a esta gran persona que Es Doris. Principio empeze muy lento porque no tenia condicion. En ocaciones quise rendirme ya que pense que jamas podria hacer cosas de las que ago hoy en dia. No eh perdido ni eh llegado a mi peso ideal, Pero eh perdido muchas pulgadas eh bajado mucho en mi grasa corporal y ahora tengo musculos. Doris Siempre nos apoya y siempre tiene las palabras correctas para que no se rinda uno y siga adelante. El Grupo de chicas Es increible porque nos apoyamos unas a las otras. Yo manejo 30 minutos y no me incomoda porque Es donde me siento bien y me estoy viendo mejor y todo gracias a Doris y Al esfuerzo. En verdad no se van arepentir de formar de este gran equipo DMM fitness & nutrition.

Leticia Ornelas

Doris led by example as she has been living keto for at least a year now. She understood the challenges and offered the group suggestions to overcome challenges to include temptations. She encouraged those who fell off plan and offered empathy and understanding. She was fantastic. She provided recipes, which I think I tried every one. They were all delicious. Going keto is confusing in general. She provided resources and food suggestions.
Thank you Doris for leading us on this journey. You did a fantastic job and I’m planning to stick with it!

Kelly Karase

I was fortunate to train with Doris in a group training style gym in Jacksonville, Florida for the past 2-3 years and she is extremely knowledgeable in nutrition, wellness and all aspects of physical fitness. Doris was able to get to know each of her clients and help them set and achieve personal goals during this time. She is more than capable of leading a class with multiple clients at one time and monitoring the members to make sure each person was using proper form to avoid injury, modifying where needed and also challenging them if they weren’t pushing themselves hard enough (myself included!). She is very compassionate and understanding but also very determined in her approach. Exactly what was needed!

I turned 40 a few years ago and decided I wanted to challenge myself with some sort of sport or event to prove to myself I wasn’t going to let age slow me down. Doris was the Coach and Leader of our ‘JaxStrong’ Spartan team and I was thrilled to successfully compete in both a Sprint and Super Spartan Race alongside her and our amazing team. Through months of weekly training and challenges designed by our coach, we all achieved goals many of us never thought possible. I will forever be grateful for this! With Doris’ help, I am in the best shape of my life and looking for my next challenge!

Dana M. Troeger

During the counseling I did feel secure as Doris was guiding me clearly, I didn’t understand how much fat was the amount needed to achieve ketosis and Doris provided an example by video, I believe the video was extremely helpful because it helped me visualize how much fat I needed to add to my vegetables, this video was the solution to the problem I encountered, Doris is a great coach and provided me with all I needed to do to achieve ketosis.

Maria A. Mora

I feel secure of her knowledge

Thank you.
Carmen López Medina.

I had the pleasure of working out with Doris Martinez for close to two years. She instructed classes at my local gym, leading up to 20 individuals of varied ages and abilities. She provided concise explanations of exercises, demonstrated the moves, and offered modifications when needed. When that gym closed I followed her to another gym, where she continued to excel in providing advice and demanding workouts. She arranged group runs, outside of her paid duties, for the purpose of assisting a group of us improve our long-distance running. Doris truly loves fitness and Nutrition, helping people attain their goals, and it always showed in her positive outlook. She is missed in Jacksonville, and your clients will be lucky to train with her.

Warm regards,

Melissa Hooker







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