Gut Test Kit for Gut Health and Digestive Health


GUT Microbiome TEST

BIOHM Gut Test Kit for Gut Health and Digestive Health – Gut Bacteria Test Home Kit with Gut Score, Easy-to-Read Results, and Actionable Recommendations

  • Your At-home Gut Health Test: Find out how to support your digestive health from home with BIOHM’s at-home gut test kit. Once you purchase and receive your kit, just collect and submit your sample to receive your personalized gut health report, it’s that easy.
  • Comprehensive Gut Report: BIOHM’s Gut Test kit provides a comprehensive report based on your sample and the completed lifestyle survey. Your gut health report includes a gut score, comparisons of your bacterial, and fungal levels to normal levels as well as a summary of recommendations for improving your gut health.



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  • Actionable Recommendations: In addition to receiving the results of your BIOHM Gut Test, your gut report will also include actionable recommendations from Registered Dietitians. Learn about lifestyle and dietary changes you can make to optimize your digestive health.

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