“Improving your HEALTH by Healing your GUT”

Specialties: Holistic Nutrition and Lifestyle changes
Certifications: Bachelors of Science in Athletic Training

Certified Holistic Nutritionist Provider

Certified Fitness Trainer — ISSA
Qualified Suspension Training Course — TRX
Senior Fitness Specialist — NASM

Doris works with her clients to help them focus on the whole picture – nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle! She understands the journey you will go through, as she was able to
lose 50 pounds before becoming a personal trainer. She also became
a certified Holistic Nutritionist to better understand the nature of our
bodies and proper nutrition. In the past years, she’s worked as a
Group Exercise instructor for High-Intensity Interval Training, Group
Personal Training, Personal Training, Athletic Training Camp and a
fitness specialist for a senior living community. Doris is married  to an Army Officer, with three children and enjoys running, working out, hiking, nature, gardening, traveling, Spartan Races, and helping other making healthy, positive changes in their

“Being healthy is not about the weight you lost, it’s about the lifestyle
you gain.”

In 2012 I had a wake-up call when my seven-year-olds on now almost thereteen, challenged me to race him up the stairs, I couldn’t believed I was not able to do it. I was depressed and devastated by it, I was shocked on how out off shape I was. On that day I decided to challenge myself and do something about it, I had enough. With a combination of healthy eating and a strict exercise regiment I was able to change my life and achieved my goals. I was never a person that liked vegetables and I really enjoyed eating high carb foods. So what did I do? I modified my diet, I started incorporating more vegetables, mainly greens, I moderated and carefully watch my sugar and fat consumption, and minimized “unhealthy” carbs intake. I also started to workout, and participated in 5km, 10km, and half marathons around the community. It was not easy but once I saw the results I knew I was on the right path and there was no turning back. Thanks to these little changes I lost 50 pounds in a period of six months and I was able to get in the best shape of my life.

In the past years I have taking numerous continued education course Lose weight and how to keep it off, Nutrition in US, Wellness Awareness, Certificate in Nutrition, Certificate in Food, Nutrition and Health from the University of North Florida to mention a few.

YOU are capable of doing what I did too. I can help you get to your ideal weight and now with my knowlege Iam a advocate of HEALING your body. Just give me a chance to get the best out of you, I guarantee results. There are no excuses in my GYM; if you want real results you have to train hard. I want to share my passion of helping others live a healthier lifestyle.