Not only do I save time and money, but meal prepping has greatly improved my family’s eating habits as we always have healthy food on hand. It all started in 2014 today is July 2021 and I still meal prep.

What can members do?


Meal prep has changed my life. Okay… maybe I still deal with the morning stress of getting Liana ready for school or sitting at yet another red light on the way to wrestling, gymnastic practice or taking my teenagers to hang outs, but it’s changed my mealtime routine for the better.

Here’s how to start:

Start with what you know.

Turn to the recipes that are already a hit with your family and simply double the batch to save for later in the week or freeze for another time. No need to get overwhelmed picking up a new habit while testing new recipes.

Multi-tasking is your best friend.

Make the most of your kitchen space and tools in the shortest amount of time. You can roast a sheet pan full of veggies, cook up quinoa or brown rice and add chicken to a slow cooker or instant pot, all while prepping mason jar salads and chopping fruits and veggies for the week.

Focus on in-season produce.

Save money and ensure you’re getting produce at its peak by focusing on seasonal fruits and veggies. Download our What’s in Season calendar and keep on hand when making your shopping lists.

Invest in your spices and condiments.

While meal prepping is extremely helpful, I tend to get bored if I don’t switch up my recipes and flavors.

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